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Girl in the mirror .

Hello World !

I’VE GOT BRACES ON ME !!!!! It’s PINKKKKK !!!! OH YEAHSSSS !!!! Hehehehehehe . First off , let me tell you guys that the insertion of braces isn’t THAT painful . I think extraction is way more worse . But , when they put the thingy that makes your mouth literally open wide , it’s quite tiring cause it’s gonna be some time that thing is going to be there . Swallowing your saliva when that thing is there will be pretty much , a chore . Hahahaha . It’s not painful , but it’s kinda uncomfortable . The uncomfortable-ness will stay because you aren’t really used to it . The cement on my molars are really very irritating , and that’s what makes it uncomfortable .

I’ll try and upload a picture 😀 Hahaha .

Can’t eat for 2 hours 😦 I have to wait till 3.45pm to eat . BERRYYY HUNGGGRRRYY !!!!

Went home and straightaway logged onto Tumblr .

YEAHS MAN !!!! THE GLEE PROMO FOR SEASON 3 EPISODE 8 – Hold on to Sixteen – IS ALREADY OUTTTT !!!!!!! OHMIGOD OHMIGOD . *HYPERVENTILATING MODE* Here’s a picture of Chord Overstreet I obtained from Tumblr in the episode 8 !


xoxo ,

ShabiraBasheer 🙂





Did I tell you how much I love you ?

Back from Band . Super tired and just feeling like sleeping . A very heavenly weather to sleep in . Screwed up my Pokerface part . But my section helped me out 🙂 Thanks to Deanna and MingHan for helping me out with my part 🙂 Did I tell you guys how much I love my section mates ? They never fail to make my day and they were there for me when times were tough 🙂

Braces this Wednesday . I dunno , I feel excited to do it , despite all the constant stories of how bad braces are . A new look , a life changing moment . Nah , not really a life changing moment . It’ll be gone in 2 years anyways 😀

Be that people .

Went Bookfest just now at Suntec City Convention Hall . Bought 3 books for the price of 2 ! Yeahs , buy 2 get 1 free sort of deal . Hmm , I really really wanted to buy Jodi Picoult’s “Picture Perfect” and “Harvesting the Heart” , but it wasn’t even there . I only have to complete these two books and then I would have completed her whole collection already ! , well , except for Sing you home , cause I don’t really feel comfortable with its theme . But they weren’t there . BOOHOO . Was it such a long time ago that those two books were written ? Such that they’re not on sale anymore ? Ohmigod . In the end , I bought Paulo Coelho’s “Aleph” , Nora Robert’s “Black Hills” and Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help” . “The Help” has been made into a film . It’s about the blacks and the whites , and how two different people can be friends if they could just overcome their differences and ignore the taunts and insults faced by each group of people 🙂

Oh , and I just realised . Nicholas Sparks has a story titled “Safe Haven” right ? I came across that book while searching for my Jodi Picoult’s books . And I thought “Eh , this title sounds familiar . Where have I seen it before ?” Then after much thought , I realised I’ve got a blog post titled “Safe Haven” too . It’s about the Nora Roberts book that I’ve read , called “Sanctuary” . I was like LOL-ing . When I wrote that post , I HAD NO IDEA there was a title of a book called “Safe Haven” ! LOLOL ! Hmmmm , maybe this is a sign …………..

Yeahs , then left the bookfest and went to another hall that said “90% off BRANDED APPARALES” . Went in there , and found out nothing was branded at all . So much for BRANDED . LOLOL !

Oh oh , ARE YOU GUYS EXCITED FOR SEASON 3 EPISODE 8 OF GLEE ? I know I am ! SAM’S FINALLY COMING BACK . Oh yeahs man !!!! 😀 Me and Syafiqah were like hyperventilating and fan-girling over Chord Overstreet and Damian Mcginty . Well , you can’t blame us . Those guys are cute . HAHAHAH . It comes out on December 6 . COUNTING DOWN .

4 more days till braces ! CAN’T WAIT ! 😀

“I tell myself , you have two choices to live your life . You can either have a fruitful life , with no worries and no regrets , or you can either have a forlorn life , which is always depressing and thinking nothing in this whole wide world matters . It all depends on YOU . Believe it or not , YOU have the power to make this choice . The quality of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts . Sure , everybody faces tough times . I DO FACE TOUGH TIMES . But , you can either embrace them and say “Hey , I’ve been through this tough phase in my life before . If I can survive that , I’m able to survive this one too” or you can just say “I’ve got nothing to live for anymore . I’m not looking forward to anything anymore.” And , nobody , I repeat , NOBODY , is the unluckiest girl/guy alive . Everybody has ATLEAST one thing they can be thankful for . ATLEAST ONE THING .

Sure , I feel left out sometimes . Sure , I feel emo also . Sure I don’t feel optimistic everyday of my life too . Sure , I do rant , I do complain . No one feels happy everyday . That’s just weird , and creepy , if they do . But I try not to brood over it and wallow up in my own despair . I try to think of a solution . Get close to them . Don’t give them the opportunity to leave me alone . And then I’ll think about the good things in my life . Those few people who can just simply , make my day . Those few music that can just bring a smile to my face .

Sure , it’s hard to think positive and be optimistic . Sure , it’s easier said than done . But trust me , once you try , once you have that determination , you can achieve that optimism . Once you blank out all the negative things in your life and start thinking about the postive things in your life and your future , you can achieve it . And don’t ever say that you tried when you don’t have that determination to do all those things .

Remember , you’ve got two choices . You’ve got only one life . Choose wisely . Those that do the wise thing will end up having a fruitful and accomplished life .”


We got the beat .

Hello World !

I’m back from Band Camp ! Haha . Actually , I was always back from band camp all along . It’s just that I came home quite late everyday and the day’s activities just squeezed the energy out of me . So yeahs . Overall , I think it was pretty ohkays . I don’t really have got any complaints . Just that I have to agree with what Mr Samuel says . That some people just don’t appreciate the effort put in by the teachers to organise this camp .  It’s probably the last camp that we , the sec3s are gonna attend afterall . Oh wells . The games were ohkays 😀 I had fun throwing flour and squirting water at people on the Twister mat . HAHA . Pardon me arh guys . It’s just a game afterall 😀 Running man , I heard , was fun . We should have played dodgeball . Like the kind where people stand in straight lines facing opposite each other . That will have been more fun ! But , the teachers think that it wasn’t really safe :/

Speaking of teachers , I FINALLY GOT TO ENTER THE STAFF ROOM ! It’s like a maze ……. And perfect timing cause the staff’s room gonna get renovated ! Haha ! I remembered when I was still in primary school , going in and out of the staff room was pretty normal for me . As I entered secondary school , the teachers treat the staff room like it’s their sanctuary and haven which they can’t share with the students . Haha . Or , it’s just that they don’t want students meddling around while they’re doing their work .

Shifa came to stay overr ! 😀

As promised to myself , I have already begun my homework ! Yes ! After sleeping 3hrs and 10mins though . I was that tired from band camp , I realised . Fell asleep within 30sec upon lying on the bed 😀

Was pretty bumped out and emo to myself for the last couple of days . Oh wells , I refuse to give in to the jaws of depression . If I can endure my back surgery and my teeth surgery and my extraction , I CAN ENDURE ANYTHING . Afterall , everybody faces this problem at one point in time . I’ll just have to figure out how to overcome it , that’s all . And I think I know the solution 🙂

Yes , as confirmed , THERE’S A HARRY POTTER AND DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 1 SCORE in the band room !! I was sooo excited and eager to learn the glockenspiel part cause I really wanna know how to play it , until I realised that only the sec1s will be performing =.= For once , band has a GOOD piece to play , and we can’t play it =.= We’re supposed to play Lady Gaga instead , which firstly, is illuminati , secondly , is the thought of her being all WEIRDO just creeps me out .

Ohkays , time to get back to work and play with Shifa !! 😀

xoxo ,

ShabiraBasheer 🙂

Everyday’s the same .

Hello World !

Hmmm , haven’t been blogging lately because my life’s quite monotonous right now . There’s really much nothing to blog about for these past couple of days . Hehe 😀 I just spent my days reading and tumblr-ing . LOL ! and also watching TV . There’s band camp tomorrow . I tell myself , after band camp , I’m starting on my homework . Definitely . Oh well , I think I need the break anyways . After 2 weeks of extended term and SPAs , I’m very reluctant to touch my workbooks . Heh 😀

Been listening to Glee Season 3 songs ! 😀 I really love their mash-ups ! Well , most of them anyways . I haven’t listened to ALL of them . But I’ve listened enough to know that they had screwed up some 😀 Otherwise , it’s really great that they’re able to combine 2 songs together , and make it into one song . I didn’t even know “I feel pretty / Unpretty” were actually 2 separate songs ! Hahaha . Yeaps . Meet the blur sotong ! 😀 Go listen to Rumor Has It/Someone Like You ! Season 3 , Episode 6 – Mash Ups 😀 They mashed up Adele’s songs and the Troubletones really did great . But , I’m still a New Direction fan cause the Troubletones are just PLAIN MEAN . Ohkays , enough bout Glee 😀

Well , tomorrow’s band camp .  But I’m not staying overnight . I’ve got my reasons 😀 Heard they’re having a Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows score . WOW ! This should be interesting ………. Let’s see how the 4 majors organised this camp 😀


ShabiraBasheer 🙂