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This amazing feeling

That amazing feeling I felt today . It’s so hard to comprehend , but it felt real good . It’s like my whole week has been made . I overcame my boundaries , stepped out of my comfort zone . I proved to myself that I’m able to do anything , I’m able to read a text , even if it’s just a two-liner as smoothly as possible . Only once did I slipped . I felt a certain kind of calmness as I stood up in front of the whole class to read . Like as though I didn’t care about the laughter that will be bestowed should I slip . I loved that calm feeling . That amazing feeling when my English teacher gave me a rating which I never expect at all . That amazing feeling when the whole class clapped because of me . Its like everybody supported me and was truly happy I managed to go through it , as smoothly as possible . It really made my entire week . And I’ve gotta say , this is the first time I actually grateful to my English teacher for doing this to me . It’s rightly said , to overcome something , you’ve gotta be in that situation for as many times as possible . Now , all I have to do is just have that certain kind of calmness when talking one-to-one .


Emotional rollercoaster ride

Hello World !

Well , yesterday was Flaggy Day . Went Parkway Parade with Ras , Zainab , Siri and Sabita to “beg” people for money . Hahaha . I kept saying the same line over and over again . “Would you like to donate ? Thank You :)” When I asked one guy , he spat near me :S Seriously dude ? Go get a life . Must be some pyschopath . Finished all my stickers ! And according to Ras , it was 200 stickers 😀 Hehehe 😀 Definitely an achievement and it feels real good that the money I received will go to a good cause 🙂

Then went Belle’s house for her birthday party ! I like her house 😀 It’s 3 storeys high . Hehehe . It was my first time being invited to a birthday party and I think it’s pretty ohkays 🙂 Hahaha 😀

Went home and didn’t even do any homework that day .

Chiong-ed homework today then 😀 And now , I’m free . I DON’T WANNA STUDY FOR SS 😀 Hahahahahah . I gotta get started on “Remember me” !!

GLEE IS BACK ON STAR WORLD ON TUESDAY 8.55PM TO THOSE LIVING IN SINGAPORE ! 😀 YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY !!! :DDDDDD I hope my mum allows me to watch :S Cause she’ll be tuning in to the soap operas on Zee Tv . Nvm , its only every Tuesday :S Hahahaha .

Smooth Criminal’s and Human Nature’s full versions are already released . I dunno , when I listened to the promo of Smooth Criminal , I really liked it and was fully anticipating for the full version to come out . But after the full version was released and when I listened to it , I don’t really feel that I’m-dead kind of feeling . I think it was because of the tempo . It was way too fast for me . Don’t get me wrong , the vocals were real good and the cellists – simply marvellous – but it wasn’t really 100% good .

Nevertheless , it’s still gonna go into my ipod 😀

As for Human Nature , REAL GOOD . Sam and Mercedes voices blended in real well . *Dead* Hahahahaahah 😀

Here you go

xoxo ,

ShabiraBasheer 🙂

You’ve been hit by a smooth criminal .

Hello world !

The first thing that I would like to begin is


To my dear Belle ,

Happy 16th Birthday ! 🙂 May you be happy always and succeed in your future endeavours . You’re a very special and unique girl and I am very very very lucky to have met you . I really do mean it when I say lucky 🙂 You never fail to brighten up my day and boost up my self-esteem 🙂 Haha , it was a blast knowing you and not to mention , having those sudden spasms of laughter when we would just randomly laugh and Shyan Kang will join us , followed by Minghan and the rest of our percussion section 😀

Yeaps 😀

Ohkays , next thing is , cuzzie outing was on Tuesday . It was MEGA fun !!! 😀 We went botanical gardens , camwhored there , ate cream puffs there and went out of that place at around 11am plus plus cause we didn’t really find the interesting places . All we saw was just green trees everywhere . We only went to the evolution garden and were tired of walking by then 😀 Hahaha . Then , it was lunch at Saprino’s and headed to Haw Par Villa ! We had A BLAST THERE . We climbed AROUND the monkey statues and animals (don’t worry , they weren’t the religious statues) and I kept shouting “I AM THE KING OF THE WORLD!” And yeahs , I was super terrified cause they were super high and I am afraid of falling . Hahaha 😀 Then went to East Coast park to cycle ! It was really a fun but tiring day , considering we were out for 12 hours . Yeaps , we met each other at 8.30am , and only got back at around 8.30pm ?

Pictures are on facebook 😀 Too lazy to upload them cause I’ve still got one more SUPER big news to tell you guys !

Well , I watched Glee Season3 Episode 10 already where it focuses mostly on Will and Emma’s proposal and also on Sam and Mercedes . Episode 11 will be a tribute episode to MICHAEL JACKSON !! 😀 SMOOTH CRIMINAL AND HUMAN NATURE ARE VERYYYY GOOOD 😀

GRANT GUSTIN IS HOT . Heheehehehee 😀

That was Glee’s version of Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson . Sung by Naya Rivera and Grant Gustin . And at an interview I saw recently , I learnt that the cello bow’s strings actually tore apart cause they were playing super fast and aggressive . BOWS DOWN TO THE CELLO PLAYERS 😀 Some youtube comments said “WHAT IS THIS EARGASM I AM HAVING?” I was like LOLOLOOLOLOL .

That was the original version . If you listen to both of them , Glee sped up the tempo kinda fast but slowed down the “Annie are you okay” part . Which is kinda nice all the same . And Glee made the cellos more dominant , being the only instrument at that point . However , MJ’s one had drums instead . I find both of them real good though 😀

That was HUMAN NATURE . I literally died when I heard this . Imagine , if I died just listening to the preview which was only 30sec long , what more the whole song ? Hahaha 😀 Sam’s and Mercedes’s voices were simply outstanding here and they blended in real well 😀 I guess this was the song they sung together before they kissed . Yeahs , in the promo , I saw they nearly kissed . And I wanted to scream out loud . But I holded it in cause my sis was beside me . Hahaha 😀 They form a very cute couple 😀

All in all , I can’t wait for the next episode . I wanna see their tribute episode . They got me all geared up and excited . Hahaha 😀 And I wanna download all the full versions of the songs so I can listen to them 24/7 😀

Well , tomorrow Flaggy Day . I’ve got 3 tests next week . Shall I do homework after this ? Nahhhhh , I’m feeling berry tired from band 😀

xoxo ,

ShabiraBasheer 🙂

The Bedouin blood

“As he watched , Philip began to understand Fahid . The people didn’t merely adhere or submit to tradition . They embraced it , they perpetuated it . This way of life revolved around religion and male honor . Buildings could spring up , education could be offered , but nothing would change the blood .”

-Nora Roberts , Sweet Revenge

This book was not like the rest of her books . Instead of focusing on the typical running-away-from-a-murderer or someone-watching-you kind of books where the tension is greatly heightened at the end of the book , it focuses on thiefs instead and seeking revenge .

I would’ve have enjoyed the book more if wasn’t so biased .

A replica

Exhausted from today’s last minute decision to go Johor to take a look at the Johor’s Premium Outlets where they sell all those branded goods. Thought i’ll be able to nab some branded goods of my own . Turns out , they were too ex .

Pffft ~

Well , no reason to be angry . Atleast I saw a replica of what will be in the US 😀 haha . Though I could’ve stayed at home to read through thoroughly my bio notes :S


Tell me more , tell me more .

Hello world !

It’s the eve of Chinese New Year ! Happy Lunar New Year to all my Chinese friends ! Hope you guys will have fun eating all those new year goodies and collecting MONEY 😀

Ohkays , so here I am . Lying on my bed . And I have no idea if I should be feeling guilty not doing anything .

I have no idea what to say for this whole week . At some days I felt super tired and exhausted , especially after coming home from remedials . But some days , I don’t even feel tired at all – even after I come home from remedials and cca and stuffs . Weeirrrddd . And contradicting .

On the bright side , I’m making tremendous progress on my book 🙂 and I really love Sweet Revenge . Some parts I felt were a bit bias though .

Received my class tee also and I’ve gotta say , I LOVE MY CLASS TEE . It’s very simple and that’s what I like . It’s unlike all those other class tees the different classes in my school makes you know ? It’s navy blue with the words “FAITH 4-1 2012” written across it in bold and bright colours . Kinda like showing off that we’re from faith4-1 though . Hahahah . Zainab was like all loving it and saying we’re like some baseball team which I’ve gotta agree . Cause the tee looks like some basketball or baseball shirt 😀 YAY ! A big enormous thank you to Nat and Aqilah for designing it . A big enormous thank you to Denise and Xin Fang for finding the supplier to produce our tees 🙂

Hmmm , how’d you readers like my letter to my future self ? Haha 😀

Finally saw Glee Season 3 Episode 10 online and I really find that episode real cute . Sam and Mercedes remake of “Summer Nights” from Grease was superbly cute !! 😀 I was just laughing and smiling to myself the entire time 😀 AND I HAVE THAT SONG ON MY PHONE !! GONNA BREAK THE REPLAY BUTTON 😀

Cuzzie outing this Tuesday ! Cant wait !

Finally , I have someone who thinks and feels the same way as I do .

Xoxo ,
ShabiraBasheer 🙂

A letter to my future self ;

Dear Shabira ,
Hey you ! You must have grown out of your teenage years by now . I’d reckon your hair will be curly and dyed brown -the colour of mahagony . I’d imagined you to be a confident young lady who isn’t afraid of anything or anyone . I’d reckon you can afford some branded goods ? I hope you’ll get the chance to go to new york – the place you wanna go to when you were 16 . Your braces should have been taken out by now and you must have really straight teeth 😀 I really hope you’re doing what you love as your job . Perhaps a journalist like Sumiko Tan or a prosecuting attorney ? If you’re pursuing another career path , you must never ever stop writing for good . You must write or type whenever possible . Never ever be afraid of any obstacles in your path because I’m sure you’re gonna overcome it somehow . I believe in you . I hope your paranoia will be gone and your parents are still around so that you can cherish them further and give whatever you can to them for all the hard times they spent bringing you up . I hope you’ll find the right guy who’s willing to accept you for who you are . Never ever stop believing in yourself and never ever stop believing things are gonna get better ohkays ? Never ever stop that optimism flowing inside you . Don’t let anyone take that optimism away from you . And most importantly , I hope I’ll be proud of you 🙂