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Lessons can be learnt anywhere

“She spent quiet days fishing with her grandmother and there had learned patience. She’d taken on a share of the chores of the lodge and campground the MacBrides had run in Olympic for two generations, and there had learned responsibilty. She was allowed to roam the woods, to wade in the streams, to climb the hills. But never, never to go beyond their borders alone. And from this, she learned freedom had limits.”

-Nora Roberts, River’s End

Who’s to say that lessons are only confined to the walls of the classrooms?



Dreams and imaginations

Hello World !

Well , this week is finally coming to an end soon ! I would say it’s kinda a disappointing week . Gotten back tests and realized I could’ve done better . The irate feeling you get at yourself when you realise that careless mistakes was the reason you couldn’t achieve your targets . The disappointed feeling you get when you didn’t get what you expect for a test whose subject you’re inclined in . And of course , that dreaded feeling you getΒ after a Chemistry test .

On a more brighter note , it’s just tests . Not the actual Os yet . There’s still time for improvement ! πŸ˜€

Just saw Glee’s latest episode today , Season3 Episode14 – On My Way . It’s a very inspiring episode . Addresses the really sensitive issues – teen suicide . And there were LOADS of twists and turns and unexpected moments . The episode came to a really abrupt end . IT WAS REALLY ABRUPT . I won’t give away anything yet , just that I was really surprised when the episode just ended so abruptly . It involved a major character , she’s a regular since Season 1 – Quinn Fabray . Read the youtube comments yesterday , before I watched it and today , when I got home , straightaway downloaded the episode and watched it . Yeaps . What’s worse is that the next episode will be in 2 month’s time . So I won’t get to see how her storyline develops for another 2 more months :S

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly

Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow

~Langston Hughes

Cross country tomorrow . Gerrrrrr ~

This feeling . This fluttering feeling . I feel it , and it’s a nice feeling . My friends question it , even I myself question it , but I can’t help it . Cause good looksΒ won’t get you anywhere in lifeΒ will it ?Β But oh wells , this feeling will be gone in a couple of days , couple of months . Until then , I’ll just enjoy this feeling while it lasts . Making up these perfect fairytales in my head which won’t come true . Cause life isn’t a fairytale isn’t it ?

xoxo ,

ShabiraBasheer πŸ™‚



Learn to laugh in your sorrows .

My overwhelming feeling is finally gone πŸ™‚ turns out I just needed something to eat .

This afternoon , I watched this particular Hindi movie . Couldn’t catch the title but I think one of the actor’s character was really inspiring .

His wife was in a state of coma for two years but up till that day , he still refused to circum to helplessness and resignation . He still believes that one day , his wife will recover completely and will be able to spend time with him .

He has two daughters , but both of them were sent away to stay at his sister’s house .

And he , he’s just a wandering traveller .

Everyday , he talks to his wife as though they’re in a normal setting . When asked if she could hear him , he replied , “No , but I can still talk anyway isn’t it ?”

His positivity really made me think . He learnt how to laugh in his sorrows . He taught me that although sorrow fills our lives , although sadness engulfs us till we can’t see the clear sky anymore , we can still laugh in them . We can all learn to do that . And maybe , just maybe , our lives will be much more better and happier , even though sorrow is everywhere πŸ™‚

Hehe . Glee covered a song by The Wanted – Glad You Came . Grant Gustin sang it and boy , I replayed the clip more than 10 times I think ! He’s so hot that it makes me impossible to hate him due to his stinking character in glee . Who knows , The Wanted is a UK band and they might just cover One Direction songs too !

I can’t embed the video here cause I’m using iPhone . That song they played is for the regionals competition . Yeaps , regional’s episode is coming out on Tuesday in America , followed by a 2 month break . The next episode will be in April . OHMYGOD .

Friends and Charlie .

Hello World !

First off , I would like to say ,


To mummy,
Thank you for always being there for me when I needed someone to allay my worries . You’re a real good mother who will always love and care for us . I know that I can sometimes be quite irritating and give mummy lots of problems , but one thing’s for sure , I don’t mean harm at all . May Allah bless you with health and peace πŸ™‚ I LOVE YOU πŸ™‚

Erm , what do I say to Chord Overstreet ? Haha . Thank you for being so hot lah huh . Hahaha πŸ˜€

Anyways , I received Friendship Day prezzies from Huiqin and Siting too . I felt really touched that they remembered me too . It’s a real nice warm feeling in my chest . I really appreciate it and I feel real blessed to have friends like these . No one can really survive without any friends isn’t it ? You need allies , ones whom you can trust . Afterall , friends are the ones who will understand you best , if your parents and siblings don’t . They are the ones whom you can go crazy with without being afraid you’ll be judged . They are the ones who can lend a helping hand , or even a shoulder to lean on . Most of all , they can accept you for who you are . My closest besties , my Faith3-1/4-1 clique , my percussion section . They are enough to make my day . Really . You don’t need a wide circle of friends . Just a few will make your day , will make your years in school worthwhile and worth remembering . It’s rightly said , ten years from now on , you will not remember the scores you got for a test , or the grades you got for just a normal examination . But instead , you’ll remember the friends you had . I guess that’s what makes school fun and bearable isn’t it . Friends are the fun factor . So I’ve learnt to treasure them for as long as I can πŸ™‚

Hmm , I don’t usually spend a lot of time surfing the web . Usually I’ll just go to tumblr or Facebook . But really , is a website worth going . It’s such an inspiring website . It’s a page to spread all your love and to share your love of art and photography to the rest of the whole world who share the same interest as you . It’s created by Dianna Agron . And “Charlie” here means the space we share with Dianna Agron . It’s where fans post photographs and inspiring quotes to spread their love and wisdom to other people . Sometimes , Dianna Agron will post too ! What used to be a tumblelog turned to a full-fledged website . And I’m not saying this just because I love Dianna Agron . I’m encouraging people who have the love and passion for arts to visit the website . You won’t regret it .

Here are some quotes I read from the website .

“You know you’re a Charlie when you embraced the weird , wrap yourself in music , live in photographs and believe in imagination.”

“You know you’re a Charlie when you can find beauty in everything , kindness everywhere and love in your heart.”

“You know you’re a Charlie when you forget about your life and pretend that you’re flying when you DANCE.”

“You know you’re a Charlie when you see the world with Magick , and Let Love In Everyday for Everyone.”

This is from the “You know you’re a Charlie when…” post . There are loads of posts every single day . So if you love the arts , music and photography , I strongly suggest you to check out the webby πŸ™‚

The Valentine’s Day letter pic from my previous post ? That’s from Dianna Agron to her fans at YOUMEANDCHARLIE πŸ™‚

Xoxo ,
ShabiraBasheer πŸ™‚

Brace sisters .

Hello world !

It’s Wednesday ! πŸ˜€

Ohkays , I have no idea how to start this entry . Whoopsies . Well , yesterday was V day . I got a rose from bestie . Come on , it wasnt only V Day yesterday , but friendship day too πŸ™‚


Yeahs πŸ™‚ thanks Zainab for the rose πŸ˜€ and I and Ras shared to buy for her a yellow rose too πŸ™‚

Well , I spent my V day just chiong-ing my A Math TYS with tuition teacher for the trigo test today . I swear , A Math can just make me have a heart attack . The worried-ness I was feeling before the test was really enough to swallow me up . But it was ohkays in the end . I could do most of the questions , so yeahs πŸ™‚ what’s sucky is that I couldnt do this particular question , though I was staring and stoning at that exact same question the day before . But due to the fact that I was super tired , I didn’t bother to properly do it and find out what’s the answer . Sucky isn’t it ?

Today , Zainab was hanging out with Mr Amir at the canteen , and well , I was with Zainab . So I joined in their convo too . Mr Amir is actually a friendly guy πŸ˜€ haha . And woah , he called me and Miss Lim the “nerd committee” and the “braces committee” . “All the braces of the world unite.” I was like WTH ? And even Ras and Zainab agreed . LOLOL ! It’s just she’s one of my role models . Come on , she’s super good in her English and Literature and GP . And she got into MJC . And she got in a University . Wouldn’t you treat her as your role model too ? I know I would , and I am πŸ˜€

Yeahs . Ohkays lah , That’s about it . I shall do one proper post soon . And by proper I mean a post which has got thinking involved πŸ˜€


ShabiraBasheer πŸ™‚