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The different eyes

Hello World !

It’s a productive day today . I glue-ed myself to the chair of my dining table and did A MATH !!! 😀 Four topics crossed out – Indices Surds and Logarithms , Quadratic Inequalities , Partial Fractions and Modulus . I wanted to start on Binomial Theorem after quite a long break but I found out that my brain’s fried :S However , I still did it though I feel I need somemore practice . So , don’t cross that one out yet ! 😀

Survived through the ordeal with the help of Glee’s covers of Whitney Houston and Glee’s covers of 80s music 😀 Yay !

I should really reward myself .

Don’t take anything personally. Nothing others say and do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream, their own insecurity. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering. Never hate those people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy, because they are the ones who think you are amazing.

~Project Spirituality

What a nice perspective ! 🙂 BTW , TOMORROW IS DIANNA AGRON’S BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!! Excuse me while I fan-girl 😀

xoxo ,

ShabiraBasheer 🙂



Hello World !

It’s yet another friday ! 😀 This week has been pretty woahkays for me . All was well till today – SS MYE .

English MYE was yesterday and it was pretty woahkays . True enough , I felt like sleeping when I read the passage . It was about weather . I’m like “Haiyah” . Luckily it was in the morning , so I managed to keep myself awake and do the paper decently 🙂 Then it was composition part . Wrote a crappy story bout the time when I met with an unexpected failure . Put myself in the shoes of an author who failed to write a brilliantly intriguing and captivating mystery and murder novel . Yeahs . Bro-in-law was like “Just copy whatever you write in your blog lah !” I’m like , “You read my blog ?” . But I didn’t say that out loud . Just that I felt my tips of my ears burning 😀

Then today was SS MYE . Well , it’s ranting time ! 😀

Most people thought the paper was diffcult , and after the paper , they vowed to themselves that they’re gonna rant on twitter . I’m like “I’m gonna rant on my blog !” So if you don’t feel like reading my rants , I suggest you just click the little cross on the top right hand corner of your window 😀

Well , at first , I was happy . Coz well , I didn’t study globalization AT ALL . Didn’t even touch globalisation at all and it didn’t come out for BOTH SBQ AND SEQ . I was like “YIPPEEEE !” I was really really lucky . But then , when I attempted the SEQ (structured essay question) , I realised I had forgotten most of my facts . Chose to do bonding singapore first and I wasted like 5 minutes coz I fogotten my facts and I wasn’t sure what factors to choose from . So I didn’t want to risk it . Hence , I attemped the international conflict and diplomacy question . For the diplomacy part , I concentrated on the successes and failures of ASEAN and UN but did that come out ? Nooooo . Though I studied the question which came out , yet again , I forgot some of my facts . Fortunately , some of them came back to me . Remember when I wasted the 5 minutes ? Well , because of that , I couldn’t managed to do conclusion for the 2nd essay which I attempted :/ Next was the SBQ (source based questions) For the third question , I was just basically stumped . Had no idea how to do it and even Raudha noticed that I spent quite a long time just being stumped . When I already knew how to do it , the invigilator was like “Ohkays , stop writing” I’m like “HUHHHHH ?????” and “NOOOOOOOO !” Ended up , I couldn’t finish that 3rd question of SBQ . I’m also very uncertain bout my answers for the 4th question .

All in all , I don’t feel confident AT ALL bout this paper . So , I’m just pinning my hopes on my Literature Elective to bring my total combined humanities grade up 😀 My brain was super messed up after the paper . And now , I just feel real demoralised and depressed because I really spent long hours revising and yeahs . That usual feeling . But it’s just MYE . So there’s still time to buck up 😀

On a much more happier note , David Archuleta’s music never fails to brighten up my day and give me inspiration . Though his “Something Bout Love” song is kinda old , it still appeals to me . Glee should really cover his song and give him the recognition that he deserves .

Now , I just don’t feel like studying for Chemistry 🙂

xoxo ,

ShabiraBasheer 🙂

Makes me work a little bit harder

Hello World !

As promised , here’s the song Fighter 🙂 Originally sung by Christina Aguilera . This song has the “oomph” factor . Do listen to it 😀 I felt really motivated to do math after listening to this song . Who knows , you guys might feel motivated to do something to ! 🙂

Monsters are lurking . Note to self : Be careful .

xoxo ,

ShabiraBasheer 🙂


“The real one is scared to death”

Hello World !

I love this quote very much and I find it really really , extremely meaningful . I can completely relate to it . “The reason we’re so hard on ourselves, as artists, is because we want our hard work and dedication to come across as something so unbelievably beautiful to someone else in the world for our creations and actions are each unique – our biggest fear is that our creations and dreams won’t affect someone.” I read this , and I was like , “Ohmygod . That’s exactly how I feel when I want to write or pen down something .” Because well , I have a passion for writing , but I’m always having this inner conflict inside me . I want to pursue a career which has writing in it , but I always question myself , “Am I a good writer as it is ? Am I going to be a good writer ? Or am I just going to suck at it ?” Well , as I read on , I found out that “The thing is; when so much fear gets in the way of beauty, we no longer see it as such and probably end up throwing it away so no one can see it. Art is beauty and regardless of it being poor or exquisite , it is unique to the artist. Why let a little fear get in the way of you? Take a deep breath, for somewhere, someone is looking upon you with the greatest admiration possibly. A little fear never harmed anyone, just don’t let it get in the way of letting others see you and just how YOUnique you can be.” Maybe I may be too young to be classified as a “writer” , but it has nevertheless taught me to not be too afraid in the future .

Ohkays ! Well , this week has been a mind-draining week and a really busy one ! Had Chem O level SPA for the 2nd time and I have a good feeling bout the SPA . I didn’t screw up previously 😀 I still have a chance of getting an A for Chemistry . Hehehehe 😀

Math test on differentiation on wednesday . Logarithmic functions came out mostly . I’m like “:/” throughout the whole one hour paper 😀

Next week is English MYE and SS MYE . GRRRRR . Currently in the process of studying for SS and it’s really really energy-draining . Soooo much things to cram in my brain ! 😦 I have no idea how people can cram sooo much information the day before . Let’s just hope I don’t screw up for English . Let’s just hope I don’t feel like sleeping midway through the passage cause it’s super boring 😀 Hahahaha . But boring passages = easier paper . Harder passages = difficult paper . I know , I’ve tried 😀 Let’s just hope I have an amazing storyline or some inspiration that’ll strike me for composition 😀

Everybody , JIAYOUS for MYE and hang in there ! 🙂

xoxo ,

ShabiraBasheer 🙂


Now I’m busted

Hello world !

Tomorrow’s gonna be a really hectic day . Going to have our second chemistry SPA and then a math test – which tests us on the WHOLE of DIFFERENTIATION . Yeahs . Thought I wouldn’t have time to do anything relaxing . But it turns out I’M BLOGGING TODAY . Hahahah .

Had MYE MT paper just now together with oral . MT MYE was in the Hall and it was the first time I sat in an air-conditioned hall . Super duper freaking colllddddd ~ even after wearing a jacket , I was still freezing . Ohmy ! Well , I don’t think so I’ve got any insulation . LOLOL .

Then we had oral . MT oral was just _______. I didn’t even know what I was talking about . English oral was really unexpected . Especially the reading part . The examiner (Mrs Theseira) was like , “I expected you to read really badly . But you read BEAUTIFULLY .” I’m like 😐 oh wells . That’s only for reading . My picture discussion was ______. I used a wrong word :/ and my convo was _______. So yeahs 😀

Listening to Glee’s rendition of Christina Aguilera’s Fighter really motivates me to do work !!! 😀 especially math . I was listening to that song while practicing math and I actually felt REALLY MOTIVATED to do math . THAT’S A FIRST .

Shall put up that song on the bloggie for all you wonderful readers out there to listen 😀

Oh yeahs . Speaking of readers , I just gasped in shock when I viewed the site stats and discovered that I had 62 views on my blog on 15th April . I LITERALLY gasped in shock . Hahaha . To me , 62 views IS ALOT . So yeahs 🙂 So to all those who frequent my blog , just wanted to tell you guys I’m really touched to have people reading it 🙂

I saw glee’s latest episode already 😀 hehehehe . Season 3 episode 15 – big brother 😀 Quinn’s in a wheelchair . But people say she’s living in self-denial . I kind of disagree with that . It’s just that she has so much determination and courage to get out of the wheelchair to be able to dance again and to do normal things again . Many a time , it’s your mindset and of course prayers that heals you in the end . Similarly , that’s the case for Quinn . I think she’s not living in self-denial at all . I think she’s just really bent on getting out of that wheelchair . And she’ll do whatever it takes to get out of it . Which makes her admirable .

But of course , if she doesn’t , let’s just hope she will have the courage to accept it 🙂

I’m not sleeping now cause I’m waiting for foooddddd ~ supper at 10.51pm . How nice 😀

Oh , and I think I have to say this . My friends tell me I can’t pull off a poker face expression . Which is really bad , and probably means I’m busted 😀

Xoxo ,
ShabiraBasheer 🙂

Snap that moment

Because whether it’s a digital image on a fancy smartphone or a picture on faded , old-fashioned Kodak paper , a photograph is a wonderful thing . It captures a moment in time that will never come back , and through it , you can look back in wonder at your life .

~Sumiko Tan

The four years

Friday the 13th was my last day in band . I officially stepped down from band on that day and the photo above is a photo of my section – the percussion section .

Dear Percussionists,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the times spent together in band as a whole section . I just wanted to thank all of you for everything that you’ve done to me . Although I did not instantly join your section in Sec 1 , but when I do , I felt part of your family instantenously . This is because you guys accepted me and made me feel like home there . Thank You for all the help I’ve received from all of you , thank you for all the encouragements , advice , motivation . Thank you to those laughs which we had privately at the back of the band room , which never fails to make my day . It’s true indeed , CCA is only fun when you have friends which can make your day , when you have friends which you can just go crazy with , when you have friends whom you treat as your very own family members . The experience in band was made really enjoyable because of you guys . And for that , I thank everyone of you . You – you with the red shirt standing in the middle – thank you for always being there for me whenever I needed help in playing my parts well . Thank you for always making me laugh and making my day . Not only weren’t you there for me when I needed help in my parts , you were also there for me when I needed some consolation . And for that , I appreciate you 🙂 You did your duty as a section leader perfectly well 😀 And Minghan , thank you for all the help I’ve received from you . You too helped me in whatever ways you could – from helping me in my parts , to just simply helping me in academics . Thank you for your listening ear . I needed someone to rant , you were there 😀 Hahaha . And for that , I appreciate you and I trust you too 🙂 To my juniors , you guys were the bestest juniors a senior can receive , especially Shyan Kang and Evelyn . You didn’t make me angry even once and the days in band will not be so memorable without you guys 🙂 I will definitely miss all of you and if I were to come back to band someday , I would only do so because of you juniors 🙂

Dear Jazreel and Belle ,

You two are the most closest people I hang out with during band . You guys accepted me into the family without any hesitation – just like the rest of the percussionists . Belle , you were there for me ALWAYS whenever I needed someone to talk to . You always gave me your listening ear . You boosted up my self-esteem . Words can’t describe your innumerable kind actions you’ve done for me . All I want you to know is this – I’m very very very lucky to have a true friend like you . They say a true friend is very hard to find , but I found one and because of that , I’m really really lucky .

Jazreel , you’re my spazzing partner and we have so much in common ! Because of band , I got closer to you and I’m really lucky that I moved to percussion because it would have been such a waste not knowing you better 😀 I can relate to you always and just like Belle , you were there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to , or to spaz about . Hehe .

Above all , I just love them very much and the times spent in band were made memorable because of them .

Of course , I can’t forget another group of people

Dear Si Ting , Huiqin , Rachelyn , Esther , 

I cannot possibly forget you guys ! When I was still in the saxophone section , you guys never fail to make me smile 😀 Si Ting and Huiqin , I still remember the first time I noticed you guys . I was sitting behind you guys and when you guys turned around , you said Hi ! to me . Jazreel was there with you guys too . From that day onwards , we became friends and we’re still friends now ! In band and also in class , you two never fail to make me smile and go crazy . Also , you two offered your listening ear whenever I needed someone to rant about because of the stress facing me in school . Rachelyn , it’s also been a joy knowing you for 4 years and though we’re not really that close , it’s been wonderful to be working with you as a librarian (LOLOL) , sorting out scores . You’re a really helpful person 🙂 Esther , though I’m not that close to you also , I know you’re a really helpful and kind-hearted person too and for that , I thank you also 🙂

Above all , though I’m not really a fan of the way band works in my school , it has given me values and qualities which I will not have developed if I didn’t join band . It has given me the strength to endure and it has made me more patient . Most importantly , if I had not joined band , I would have never met these amazing people in my life 🙂

For 4 years , I’m a band member . Ex-saxophonist , Percussionist 🙂