The drive of passion

Hello World!

Today, we celebrate Teachers’ Day in school. And yes, like what the picture says above, this is the perfect opportunity, the perfect time, to appreciate our teachers. Some of whom we take for granted. Their passion for educating students and their tenacity to change the lives of students and to inspire them, as well as to impart knowledge on them is something worth gaining recognition about. There are some teachers out there, those outstanding ones, who never fail to believe in you and listened to you and for that, you are thankful. There are some teachers out there, whose knowledge and experience is like the vast ocean, that you can’t help but just admire them. There are those who are inspirational figures. There are also some teachers, where it was never a teacher-student relationship, but more of a relationship of two friends. And those teachers who may not be so close to you, but who are equally there to impart the knowledge and the skills in you, without whom you’re nothing. So, to all my teachers who have taught me before, be it in the past or in the present, be it very close or not so close, Happy Teachers’ Day. There is someone here who appreciates your hardwork, kindness and patience. As Alexander The Great said, “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well.”

So today is kinda the last day of school which marks the start of the September break. Hmmm, I have mixed feelings bout this holiday. Though I’d feel tired going to school, I think it can help me get my mind off things. I just hate recurring thoughts, thoughts which keep on coming back. It’s like driving me to the edges of mental well-being! Atleast going back to school will take my mind off these irritating recurring thoughts that is affecting my focus. And sometimes, I just can’t put a finger as to why I have these recurring thoughts. It’s like I’ll feel so sad and worried for no reason, or reasons which I can’t identify. And I really do not want this to affect my revision. I guess I really have to take a deep breath and relax and not to worry too much. Allah, please help me.

I’m finding less and less things to blog about! Hahaha. Nothing much has been happening in my life, except for the one above. Step Up Revolution releases today and I really wanna watch it! But I have to find the time, which is not by my side, to watch it. Bummer. I’m pretty pysched for The Great Gatsby though. After 1984, I’m gonna get my hands on that book and read it. After which, I’m going to watch the movie. It’s very classic, unlike the movies released nowadays. After Os, I’m definitely gonna read more classics and more literary books. I have this sudden urge to reread Sweet Revenge by Nora Roberts though!

I was a girl who loved the world of books, my backyard… my imagination had no limits. Essentially, I will always have that little girl inside me, often driving me artistically.” ~Dianna Agron


ShabiraBasheer 🙂




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