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Swept away by the story

Hello World!

4 days later, and I’m done with Between the Lines. After reading it, again, like every other good book I’ve completed reading, this sense of loss will overwhelm me. This sense of loss – as though I’ve lost a really good friend. I don’t think I can actually start on George Orwell’s 1984 just yet, because I’m still living in Delilah’s world.

It’s a really really truly truly brilliant story to come up with. Samantha Van Leer, I really admire your creativity for coming up with this truly remarkable and unique story. It’s unlike a story which I’ve ever read before and it’s definitely a really nice change. When I say it’s unlike the genre Jodi Picoult writes, I really mean UNLIKE. Next to Hunger Games, this may be my other favourite bookΒ in this year! Yes, it is a fantasy book, which is why it’s so unlike Jodi Picoult’s style, as Jodi Picoult focuses on real-life issues, real-life stories. Nonetheless, it’s a really really nice change, one which is ultimately successful. I enjoyed every single moment while reading the book. Because of the fact I rented this book from San’s, I have to return it. However, I’m still nevertheless going to buy it and reread it again after Os.

Not going to give away much, but let’s just give you readers of mine something to ponder about. Have you actually wondered, if the characters inside the book are real characters? People, much similar to you and I? People who share dreams, hopes and aspirations? Have you actually wondered, once you close your book, what happens to the characters inside the book? And have you actually wondered whether a character feels suffocated by the prospect of him having to “act” out the story all over again for the readerΒ and wishes that he wants to get out of the confines of the book to lead a new life? There’s more to the story of course.

It’s also a story which is so relatable to me because every now and then, when I pick up a book, I fall in love with some of the characters in the book. For example, I fell in love with Peeta and Finnick in the Hunger Games, and I fell in love with Oliver in Between the Lines.

And now, two of my favourite excerpts:

“I’m not like most characters, I guess,” I say slowly. “Everyone else in here seems to be happy having their lives already planned out for them, and doing what they’re told to do. But I’ve never really fit in. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be someone… different.” Delilah’s eyes widen. “I’ve always wondered that too.”

No one ever asks a kid for her opinion, but it seems to me that growing up means you stop hoping for the best, and start expecting the worst. So how do you tell an adult that maybe everything wrong in the world stems from the fact that she’s stopped believing the impossible can happen?

Yeahs, this book, with the frequent bouts of humour that just leaves me laughing out loud to myself and with a unique storyline (which in a way, is really relatable to me), is no doubt a brilliantly crafted book and I really urge all my readers to pick up the book if you guys have not!


ShabiraBasheer πŸ™‚

The Singapore post

Today is 9th August, which means,


This day on 1965, Singapore officially gained independence. No no, not free from colonial rule (though we were under British colonial rule) but free from Malaysia. Yes, in order to survive after the British gave us independence, we decided to merge with Malaya and with other countries such as Sabah and Sarawak. With these countries, we formed a federation known as Malaysia. Alas, things did not go well between Singapore’s PAP leaders and Malaysia’s UMNO leaders and due to that, we separated.

After the separation, it was hard for Singapore. We had to struggle and overcome many obstacles to reach where we are today. And for that, I am proud. I am proud that Singapore was resilient enough to rise up from the rubble to be where it is today πŸ™‚

Happy National Day Singapore! πŸ™‚

My blog speaks for me

Hello World!

Yeaps, today is actually my 1 year anniversary of keeping this blog. This time last year, I sat in the very same place, creating a WordPress blog and publishing 3 posts in one day, to which I became shocked that I had 25 views on that day.

In retrospect, creating a blog has been an amazing experience. I can’t even find a proper adjective to describe it HAHA. But really, it was an amazing experience. Although writing in a diary is more personal and heartfelt, but my hand gets tired after writing long entries. And due to that, I just well, stopped writing in a diary. Moreover, I wanted to share something with people. I wanted to share inspiration with people who would frequent my blog. And when I write in a diary, I just couldn’t do that can’t I? I’ve had the thought of keeping a blog since very long, even before last year, but I didn’t know why I didn’t create one. Perhaps too busy with school or perhaps too lazy? I don’t even know the reason myself. But one day, this day last year, I just sat in front of the computer, not knowing what to do after surfing through facebook and then a magical thought just came to me “Why not I create a blog? It’d be fun!”

One year later, and I have 200+ posts. I’m proud to have this blog, because I treat it as a medium to share inspiration with people who share similar interests and passions. Keeping a blog has been really useful for me, for now I’m able to express myself in paper more clearly and more fluidly. It just comes naturally to me now to be able to write a piece of journal or a reflection of 150++ words. (My English teacher loves to give us journal topics to write)

I think those who have frequented my blog since day 1 or since this blog was still a quiet, lone blog from a random blogger, I guess you guys would have known me already, without needing to see my face LOL. Because truly, my blog speaks for who I am πŸ™‚

Of course, one year later, this blog has grown. I may not be the most popular girl in the school where everybody wishes to know what goes on in my life, and hence, I would really like to thank my followers who have followed this blog of mine. And to those who do not have wordpress but still visit my blog, I really thank you and I really appreciate it πŸ™‚ As I say, you guys are beautiful πŸ™‚

Ohkays, like I’ve said earlier, since the 1st part of prelims are over, I do have time to read a few books. Thus, I thought of picking up The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Great Gatsby but unfortunately, San didn’t have those books. But, but, but, they did have Jodi Picoult’s newest book, in which she co-wrote it with her 16 year old daughter BETWEEN THE LINES and George Orwell’s 1984. And I picked those two up. I didn’t actually expect San bookshop to have Between the Lines, since it was just newly released and they don’t seem to have Lone Wolf (which was by Jodi Picoult too, but released earlier than Between the Lines). I was actually intending to rent out one of Nora Robert’s recently published book too but then I spotted Between the Lines instead! And I literally SQUEALED IN DELIGHT. LITERALLY. You’re talking to a bookworm here! Hahah.

Here’s the cover of the book:

Jodi Picoult is one of my favourite authors of all time and I simply love her books. When I found out what Between the Lines is about, through interviews and articles, I got really intrigued by it because it is such a unique book, something which Jodi Picoult has not done before! It’s unlike her other stories actually. Hence, I was really excited and vowed to myself to add it into my “books to read” list, and now I have it. Hehehe. Happy girl!!! Gonna get started!! πŸ˜€


ShabiraBasheer πŸ™‚

The burden lifted?

Hello World!

Well, the first part of Prelims is officially over! But that’s not to say the burden is completely lifted off. There’s the second part to it (after more than a month) and ultimately, the big Os. So yeaps, the burden isn’t actually completely lifted. However, I am still able to breathe a little bit easier, knowing that I’m done with some subjects. Nonetheless, I still have my BIOLOGY and Chem and HISTORY to chiong for.

What’s done is already done. I can’t turn back time and change whatever I wished to change, can we? Though most of the time, we do wish a time machine exists πŸ˜€

Visited the brand new YM&C’s website and the first time I saw it, I went wide-eyed. It was a complete new look, different from the previous one. It’s going to take me some getting used to for this new look.

“Moving on doesn’t mean you have forgotten; it means you have accepted what happened in the past and choose to continue living in the present. Moving on doesn’t mean you’re giving up; it means you’re giving yourself another chance by making a choice to be happy rather than hurt. Through all the problems you have faced, the burdens weighing down on your shoulders, the pain in your heart, you have only one thing to say ‘I survived and I now know better for next time’.”

~Project Spirituality

May we all have the courage to move on from things which are bitter πŸ™‚

Tomorrow is officially my 1 year anniversary keeping this blog. Check out tomorrow’s post! I’ll be sure to post one tomorrow!

Finally, I have the time to read my books! The Perks of BeingΒ A Wallflower and The Great Gatsby, HERE I COME! πŸ˜€

Have a great day ahead guys!


ShabiraBasheer πŸ™‚

“What did you think Shaqueera?”

Sometimes, I really do wonder how other people see me. Kinda interesting once you come to think about it. How other people see you. Hehehe. Well, tomorrow’s Literature paper. Honestly, I dunno if I’m ready for it. Let’s just hope whatever I studied will come out πŸ™‚

“Well, there comes a time in your life… when you realize something. You realize that you love your life, you love your friends, you love your family, you love everyone, you enjoy the time you are with your friends, you enjoy spending time with your family, you feel comfortable where you are, you love the things you do, you share your love and your smile, you share a smile to the mirror and realize that you are HAPPY.”

~Isabella Giussani Mendieta

Well, I think the above quote is definitely true, and I believe that although not everyday, not everytime in our lives we will feel happy, but deep down, there will atleast be once, atleast once, where we felt that way before. And if you guys are not feeling that way right now, don’t worry. Sooner or later, you guys will πŸ™‚

Ohkays, today, while I was taking a break from studying Lit and went onto facebook on my phone, I chanced upon this.

Words couldn’t describe my excitement when I found this link. I immediately went to look for my earphones, plugged it into my phone and started to play it. Afterall, it is “I WANT YOU BACK” and that song was cut off from the MJ episode. Hence, my excitement. And yes, I fan-girled throughout the entire video, and I know I should hate Sebastian but well, I just can’t cause he was too hot. Hhaahhaahahaha. And yes, the “What did you think SHAQUEERA?” quote really cracked me up! If both Sebastian and Santana were not gay, I would have definitely wanted them to be together. They have an awesome chemistry. HAHAA.