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The days are near

“The deal with the studio is it’s a workplace – a place of more control than creativity, I think, and the creativity happens outside the studio. For me, I get inspired by the world. I get the stories from interacting with people. I have an imagination. But I think if we rely wholly on our imagination we can be limited, because our imagination is essentially fuelled by every experience we’ve ever had. So the more experiences we have the more our imagination can flourish. So I get out of the studio and draw from life.”

~Paul Madonna

What a nice way to see a different perspective to things. Well, I haven’t been updating my bloggy about my life frequently, because really, there isn’t much to say about my life right now. It’s quite boring and standard. The only big thing approaching for me is my Os. And frequent readers of mine would have already known that I’m stressed by it. So yeahs, nothing much to say bout my life. Hahaha.

That said, my prelim results turned out to be pretty ohkays. Though history and A math was a blow to me, I managed to get 11 points for my L1R5 – which is the part they’ll look for you to enter into a JC. Take away 2 points from CCA and it becomes a 9. If I get that for my actual Os, I’d be very thankful already πŸ™‚ And I really appreciate my parent’s advice to me when I told them I’m stressed. And they didn’t get angry at me when I told them bout my history and A Math results because they saw how hard I studied. Turns out I was wrong then, and I’m glad they proved me wrong πŸ™‚

Although Os are not yet over, I’ve already begun planning my after-Os activities HAHA. First off, I would like to spend my days in National Library and immerse myself in stories. I have this long list of books-to-read and I’m really excited to get started! Next is of course, going out with friends, catching movies and going shopping. Cuzzie outing may spring up too! It’s been such a long time since we cuzzies went out together! Not to mention, have a movie marathon of all the movies I want to watch! AND THAT INCLUDES “A MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE”

‘A Mother’s Nightmare’ is gonna air today, in the US at Lifetime Channel. It’s a telefilm and it stars Grant Gustin and Jessica Lowndes. Now you can see why I wanna watch the movie so badly. It follows the life of Chris Stewart (Grant Gustin), 16, who had a tough time dealing with a divorce and a heartbreak. He seeks comfort in Vannessa- something (Jessica Lowndes). However, Vanessa turns out to be this pyschotic girlfriend who strengthens her hold over Chris each time his mum tries to drive him away from her. But when Chris tries to end off things with her, she doesn’t take it too well and goes on to accuse him of something really horrible.

It is based on a true story which the writer had experienced with her younger son. It’s a must watch for me because it’s actually a pretty good storyline, and of course, grant looks mega hot in the movie and that’s a major plus!


They come together, inseparable

“We all think in this manner. We ask, ‘How can we be freed from pain and misery?’ We cannot be, until we also wish to be free from happiness. He who wants to evade sorrow will have to keep away from joy also. Joy and sorrow cannot be separated. Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. Happiness or sorrow – whatever befalls you, walk on untouched, unattached.”

This week hasn’t been all too good for me. I hope next week will be better. Have a great week everyone! πŸ™‚


You can never say never

Ohkays, so this week hasn’t been an all too great a week a for me. I got back most of my prelim results and as my intuition says, I did not do as well as I hoped I would do. Some of them were extremely disappointing and to tell you guys the truth, I really have no idea how to break the news to my parents. I mean, they’ll be shocked with the grades of 2 of my subjects – and that is history and A math. They’ll be really shocked and disappointed, and most probably angry too, with the grades I got for these 2 results. I dunno if it’s the Asian mentality, but it’s kinda true here for most Singaporean kids. Their parents will priotize the grades you get above all else. They don’t really care about the effort you put in, nor will they give you any encouragement or motivation for you to improve. Instead, they’ll just dishearten you further and make you even more upset. I dunno. Perhaps that’s just my parents. I don’t mean to put my parents in a bad light here, but it is kinda the truth.

I honestly didn’t know where I went wrong. Was it because I wasn’t focused during the exams due to some recurring thoughts that I keep on getting, and that’s getting on my nerves a lot? Or was it really I did not know how to do? For history, it was misreading of sources, and for A Math, I think it was I did not know how to do some of the questions. Or was it careless mistakes? I know for Chem it was definitely careless mistake. And that really irks me A LOT.

But at the end of the day, it’s not about the grades you get. It’s about improving yourself and finding a way to deal with the setbacks and failures. It is inevitable to fail, but what is really important is how you deal with them. You can choose to become motivated by it, proving yourself that this failures will not happen again, or you can choose to be crushed by it. For me, I’d prefer the former. Sure I was upset but I realized that it’s not going to help just by moping about. And yes, like what Belle said, it’s sometimes good to meet setbacks and failures because if we don’t we may ultimately get complacent. Sometimes, we have to fall first and get a taste of what that feels like, before we can rise up. Some of the most successful people we know now never did have success all the time, but rather they had loads of failures. However, they chose to rise up from it and learn from it, thereby being successful. And yes, at the end of the day, it’s the O level results that matters.

So to all the people who gave me their advices and comforted me, a BIG thank you to all of you, especially to Belle πŸ™‚

I listened to some Glee songs from the first episode of the fourth season, and I gotta say, I really loved “Never Say Never”. At first I thought it was a Justin Beiber song, but it’s DEFINITELY NOT JB’s song. I don’t think JB is also even capable of singing those kind of soulful songs. Here’s the video. It’s sung by Jake Puckerman, Puck’s younger half-brother and his voice is really good. I liked it from the first time I listened to it.

It’s extremely beautiful.

Ohkays, now I must get back to mugging. There’s only 32 more days to Os! O_O



The hectic life in a city

Phewww~ These 2 days have been quite hectic for me. Prelims part 2 resumed this Monday, and on that day and Tuesday, I had 2 papers. And man, was it really hectic and energy-draining. It was chemistry today and I did not actually had time to fully complete the paper as well as check. I did all the questions required yes, but some I just whacked an answer and couldn’t get back to it. The structured questions were quite challenging. A Math P2 was a killer as usual, and I left the whole of the proving of plane geometry question completely BLANK, so I can kiss my 8marks goodbye. Core history paper was kinda tough, especially the SBQ, with the issue being “Was there any real prospect of the Communists taking over PAP?” – that I couldn’t even understand. Elec history paper was better, but then again, I have doubts whether my inferences are actually valid or not. Bio was unexpectedly easy.

So to sum it all up, I don’t think I’ll be able to achieve my Os target of getting 3 A1s for this prelim. Which makes me have doubts whether I’m actually able to obtain 3 A1s and be a 7-pointer or not for the actual Os. Oh wellz.

Prince William and Kate ARE HERE IN SINGAPORE and I’M SOOOO PYSCHED AND EXCITED!!! But I can’t even see them -___- They were at Gardens by the Bay at 10am just now, today, but I was in school, sitting for my Chem paper -___- And the best part (note my sarcasm), they’ll only be here till tomorrow. So this once in a lifetime opportunity of getting a glimpse of the royals is not an arms reach away, despite them being in the same country as I am.

On a more happier note, I love the fact that Grant Gustin is spamming my instagram wall with sneak peeks of his upcoming telefilm “A Mother’s Nightmare”. And all of his pics which he posted so far are shots of him only, looking all hot. And yes, I died.

I’ve got no school tomorrow as I don’t take POA (never have, never will) but I’m going on Friday for MT paper – which is the last prelim paper. After prelims, it’s time to go in full-swing and be all hardcore for the Os.

Have a great week ahead!


Recognition which they truly deserve

Hello World!

Before I start off this post, the picture above is from Paul Madonna, a writer and an illustrator which I discovered from You, Me & Charlie. The newly transformed website focuses more on talent which goes unnoticed, talent which should equally gain recognition, talent not discovered. In a way, it’s good in the sense that I get to know more about artists, bands and music, not to mention, writers which I’ve never even seen nor heard before! πŸ™‚

I’ve just realized, I’m really a gleek. I just dedicated a complete post about all my thoughts and opinions of the upcoming season OHMYGOD. I guess that’s coz I needed that outlet to share all my opinions out, that seems to be increasing day by day, video after video. Today, I just watched the “Dance Again/Americano” performance, sung and performed by Kate Hudson, who’ll be playing Cassandra July, who is Rachel’s dance teacher at NYADA. And yes, she can really really dance, GOOD.

Ohkays, so today is Saturday, which leaves 1 more day of holidays before it’s back to school, BEFORE IT’S PRELIMS PART 2. Yeahs, due to the fact that the 2nd part of my prelims commence right after this hols, I’ve sacrificed all the times and declined any offers to go out. During these holidays, I was pretty much cooped up at home, studying, revising bio and history. Bio is an EXTREMELY DEMANDING subject. I think in 1 day, you can only do 2 chapters of bio only, as 1 chapter may very well just take half a day to finish =____= And if that isn’t enough, history and bio prelims are on the same day. However, I have experienced this before, during MYE. I could never ever forget the day before the exams. Because it’s history, I have to regurgitate the facts the day before as I have this tendency to forget. So I literally spent that day regurgitating history. As for bio, I sacrificed it andΒ didn’t really hardcore study it.Β Turns out, I got an A for both LOLOLOLOLOLOL. But, I dunno if it’ll work that way this time, because it’s the WHOLE textbook we’re talking about. The whole textbook wasn’t tested for MYE. And 1 day is clearly not enough to regurgitate all the facts in the textbook. I know, I’ve tried, as evidently seen by my progress today.

Here’s another 1 of Paul Madonna’s work:

As abovementioned that I’m a gleek and as promised, I’ll embed the videos to the songs here;

That’s “Call Me Maybe”. And yes, I gotta agree with some of the youtube commenters, I don’t really like Unique’s voice in that song. I would have preferred it if it was Artie singing it. Then, it would have really been like the 4 New Directions cast – Tina, Brittany, Artie and Blaine – really competing to be “The New Rachel”.

That’s “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. I hope that Imagine Dragons will get fame and recognition when Glee covers their songs, just like how other bands and singers have gotten much recoginition after Glee covered their songs. However, it leaves me just a tad bit sad because Glee makes these bands and artists gain recognition. It’s not like these people gain the recognition they clearly deserve after releasing their songs. I mean, they are equally good as the popular artists and bands nowadays, in fact even better. Because I feel that nowadays, the music popular bands and artists are releasing shouldn’t even be called music at all. There are some people out there who release much more soulful and good music, music that actually is worth listening to, but did not gain the recognition and fame they deserve, until Glee covered it.

That’s “Dance Again/Americano” One thing I love about Glee is their mashups. It’s SUPER UNIQUE and it always turns out to be a great job (well, most of the time). It’s definitely something entirely different and in my opinion, better than the individual pieces of songs. It’s amazing how they can combine 2 separate pieces of song to make them into 1, such that I couldn’t even recognise they’re made up of 2 different songs sometimes! And yes, Kate Hudson is an amazingly talented dancer.

Another 1 of their mash-ups and lastly,


And there you have it!


ShabiraBasheer πŸ™‚



The glee post

Hello World!

Ohkays, so above is an extremely gigantic picture of a Glee promo pic. It will air in the US on September 13 and I have to say, I’m psyched, but at the same time, not quite. Yeahs, I know, I’m weird. From the pic above, you can tell that one of them is a new face. Yeaps, there’ll be new people which will be on Glee this S4. If I’m not wrong, I think there’ll be 4 new faces. Some of them, I don’t quite like (although it’s still too early to judge and I must give them a chance), and some I’m actually looking forward to seeing. For example, there’ll be this new Cheerio who very much behaves like Quinn in S1 and S2. And I just don’t like it, in my opinion. I mean, no one should ever replace b___ Quinn. I’d rather see the reformed, inspirational Quinn that she has become in S3 to transform back to her dramatic side back. That is how much I don’t wanna Quinn’s bad character to be replaced by some newbie. I think it’s not only Quinn, but the newbies are like gonna “replace” some of the seniors too. From interviews (and YouTube commenters), the new girl in the picture above really behaves a lot like Rachel. Perhaps not the annoying bit but the unpopular bit. I mean, it does look like it. And another newbie which will be Puck’s younger half-brother, who again ultimately behaves like Puck. These new characters don’t seem to have a personality of their own. They seem to just be the new faces of personalities of some seniors, hence kind of replacing them. Then again, I’ve haven’t watched it yet, so I’m not completely sure. We shouldn’t jump to conclusions and we should give them the opportunity they deserve afterall.

And another thing is, I really really want Tina to be the new leader of New Directions, like how Rachel was like. I don’t want Brittany, Unique, NOT EVEN Blaine, to be the leader of New Directions. I just feel they don’t deserve it as much as Tina does. Tina has a remarkably sweet yet strong voice, but it hasn’t got an opportunity to shine just as yet! And I don’t want any of the other remaining New Directions cast to overshadow her, AGAIN. And she was one of the original Glee members, which makes her even more deserving. The rest of the other New Directions members has had opportunities to shine, but Tina’s one still hasn’t arrived, despite being in S1. So I’m really hoping that she will get her chance this season πŸ™‚

I’m quite excited for Rachel’s storyline in NYADA, especially how she’s gonna cope with her new love interest, Brody-something- played by Dean Geyer. One can’t deny the fact that he is hot. Not as hot as Sebastian in my opinion, but still hot. However, with that said, I’m kinda sad that she, together with the rest of the seniors, are not back in New Directions. I mean, they’ll still appear in the show, but not as usual and as much as how they were in S1-S3. It’ll be kinda weird and unusual to not see Rachel’s overconfidence and annoying-ness in the choir room. And the fact that Quinn wasn’t in any of the photoshoots makes me even more sad, although she’ll still be in Glee. I’ve heard that the day the photoshoot was carried out, Dianna Agron was somewhere filming a new movie πŸ™‚ As for Sebastian, I still have no idea if he’s still gonna be on Glee or not, because I really want him to continue to be on Glee. Already Grant was not casted as Finnick (bummer), seeing Sebastian on Glee will make it really interesting! However, even if he is on Glee, I don’t think we’ll get to see much of him.

These are just my opinions and feelings of the upcoming season πŸ™‚ And I’ve listened to 5 songs that will be aired on this season, yes including “Call Me Maybe” and “It’s Time”. I loved “Call Me Maybe” from the first time I listened to it because it’s really different from the original version. It was indeed a nice blend of different voices, although some might argue it was too messy and all over the place. But I loved it, it’s very unique and different!! And yes, I gotta agree with some of the youtube commenters that it sounded like a freestyle song, where everybody would just jump in whenever they liked. I guess that’s coz when the song is playing, the Glee members will all be shoving each other to get the limelight. And “It’s Time” was also quite nicee! Though I have to admit, I prefer the original version as it’s more forceful and stronger. Blaine’s voice in that was more toned down and mellowed, but equally good too πŸ™‚ Brittany’s voice REALLY IMPROVED and the mashup of Justin Beiber’s “Boyfriend” and Britney Spears “Boys” was awesome! It’s way better than the individual pieces of song!! πŸ˜€

I’d post the links to the songs some other time yeahs? I’m hungry now. Heh.

This is totally a Glee post, with all my opinions and feelings of upcoming season. I hope it’ll be a good one! πŸ™‚


ShabiraBasheer πŸ™‚