Recognition which they truly deserve

Hello World!

Before I start off this post, the picture above is from Paul Madonna, a writer and an illustrator which I discovered from You, Me & Charlie. The newly transformed website focuses more on talent which goes unnoticed, talent which should equally gain recognition, talent not discovered. In a way, it’s good in the sense that I get to know more about artists, bands and music, not to mention, writers which I’ve never even seen nor heard before! 🙂

I’ve just realized, I’m really a gleek. I just dedicated a complete post about all my thoughts and opinions of the upcoming season OHMYGOD. I guess that’s coz I needed that outlet to share all my opinions out, that seems to be increasing day by day, video after video. Today, I just watched the “Dance Again/Americano” performance, sung and performed by Kate Hudson, who’ll be playing Cassandra July, who is Rachel’s dance teacher at NYADA. And yes, she can really really dance, GOOD.

Ohkays, so today is Saturday, which leaves 1 more day of holidays before it’s back to school, BEFORE IT’S PRELIMS PART 2. Yeahs, due to the fact that the 2nd part of my prelims commence right after this hols, I’ve sacrificed all the times and declined any offers to go out. During these holidays, I was pretty much cooped up at home, studying, revising bio and history. Bio is an EXTREMELY DEMANDING subject. I think in 1 day, you can only do 2 chapters of bio only, as 1 chapter may very well just take half a day to finish =____= And if that isn’t enough, history and bio prelims are on the same day. However, I have experienced this before, during MYE. I could never ever forget the day before the exams. Because it’s history, I have to regurgitate the facts the day before as I have this tendency to forget. So I literally spent that day regurgitating history. As for bio, I sacrificed it and didn’t really hardcore study it. Turns out, I got an A for both LOLOLOLOLOLOL. But, I dunno if it’ll work that way this time, because it’s the WHOLE textbook we’re talking about. The whole textbook wasn’t tested for MYE. And 1 day is clearly not enough to regurgitate all the facts in the textbook. I know, I’ve tried, as evidently seen by my progress today.

Here’s another 1 of Paul Madonna’s work:

As abovementioned that I’m a gleek and as promised, I’ll embed the videos to the songs here;

That’s “Call Me Maybe”. And yes, I gotta agree with some of the youtube commenters, I don’t really like Unique’s voice in that song. I would have preferred it if it was Artie singing it. Then, it would have really been like the 4 New Directions cast – Tina, Brittany, Artie and Blaine – really competing to be “The New Rachel”.

That’s “It’s Time” by Imagine Dragons. I hope that Imagine Dragons will get fame and recognition when Glee covers their songs, just like how other bands and singers have gotten much recoginition after Glee covered their songs. However, it leaves me just a tad bit sad because Glee makes these bands and artists gain recognition. It’s not like these people gain the recognition they clearly deserve after releasing their songs. I mean, they are equally good as the popular artists and bands nowadays, in fact even better. Because I feel that nowadays, the music popular bands and artists are releasing shouldn’t even be called music at all. There are some people out there who release much more soulful and good music, music that actually is worth listening to, but did not gain the recognition and fame they deserve, until Glee covered it.

That’s “Dance Again/Americano” One thing I love about Glee is their mashups. It’s SUPER UNIQUE and it always turns out to be a great job (well, most of the time). It’s definitely something entirely different and in my opinion, better than the individual pieces of songs. It’s amazing how they can combine 2 separate pieces of song to make them into 1, such that I couldn’t even recognise they’re made up of 2 different songs sometimes! And yes, Kate Hudson is an amazingly talented dancer.

Another 1 of their mash-ups and lastly,


And there you have it!


ShabiraBasheer 🙂




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