The hectic life in a city

Phewww~ These 2 days have been quite hectic for me. Prelims part 2 resumed this Monday, and on that day and Tuesday, I had 2 papers. And man, was it really hectic and energy-draining. It was chemistry today and I did not actually had time to fully complete the paper as well as check. I did all the questions required yes, but some I just whacked an answer and couldn’t get back to it. The structured questions were quite challenging. A Math P2 was a killer as usual, and I left the whole of the proving of plane geometry question completely BLANK, so I can kiss my 8marks goodbye. Core history paper was kinda tough, especially the SBQ, with the issue being “Was there any real prospect of the Communists taking over PAP?” – that I couldn’t even understand. Elec history paper was better, but then again, I have doubts whether my inferences are actually valid or not. Bio was unexpectedly easy.

So to sum it all up, I don’t think I’ll be able to achieve my Os target of getting 3 A1s for this prelim. Which makes me have doubts whether I’m actually able to obtain 3 A1s and be a 7-pointer or not for the actual Os. Oh wellz.

Prince William and Kate ARE HERE IN SINGAPORE and I’M SOOOO PYSCHED AND EXCITED!!! But I can’t even see them -___- They were at Gardens by the Bay at 10am just now, today, but I was in school, sitting for my Chem paper -___- And the best part (note my sarcasm), they’ll only be here till tomorrow. So this once in a lifetime opportunity of getting a glimpse of the royals is not an arms reach away, despite them being in the same country as I am.

On a more happier note, I love the fact that Grant Gustin is spamming my instagram wall with sneak peeks of his upcoming telefilm “A Mother’s Nightmare”. And all of his pics which he posted so far are shots of him only, looking all hot. And yes, I died.

I’ve got no school tomorrow as I don’t take POA (never have, never will) but I’m going on Friday for MT paper – which is the last prelim paper. After prelims, it’s time to go in full-swing and be all hardcore for the Os.

Have a great week ahead!



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