The days are near

“The deal with the studio is it’s a workplace – a place of more control than creativity, I think, and the creativity happens outside the studio. For me, I get inspired by the world. I get the stories from interacting with people. I have an imagination. But I think if we rely wholly on our imagination we can be limited, because our imagination is essentially fuelled by every experience we’ve ever had. So the more experiences we have the more our imagination can flourish. So I get out of the studio and draw from life.”

~Paul Madonna

What a nice way to see a different perspective to things. Well, I haven’t been updating my bloggy about my life frequently, because really, there isn’t much to say about my life right now. It’s quite boring and standard. The only big thing approaching for me is my Os. And frequent readers of mine would have already known that I’m stressed by it. So yeahs, nothing much to say bout my life. Hahaha.

That said, my prelim results turned out to be pretty ohkays. Though history and A math was a blow to me, I managed to get 11 points for my L1R5 – which is the part they’ll look for you to enter into a JC. Take away 2 points from CCA and it becomes a 9. If I get that for my actual Os, I’d be very thankful already 🙂 And I really appreciate my parent’s advice to me when I told them I’m stressed. And they didn’t get angry at me when I told them bout my history and A Math results because they saw how hard I studied. Turns out I was wrong then, and I’m glad they proved me wrong 🙂

Although Os are not yet over, I’ve already begun planning my after-Os activities HAHA. First off, I would like to spend my days in National Library and immerse myself in stories. I have this long list of books-to-read and I’m really excited to get started! Next is of course, going out with friends, catching movies and going shopping. Cuzzie outing may spring up too! It’s been such a long time since we cuzzies went out together! Not to mention, have a movie marathon of all the movies I want to watch! AND THAT INCLUDES “A MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE”

‘A Mother’s Nightmare’ is gonna air today, in the US at Lifetime Channel. It’s a telefilm and it stars Grant Gustin and Jessica Lowndes. Now you can see why I wanna watch the movie so badly. It follows the life of Chris Stewart (Grant Gustin), 16, who had a tough time dealing with a divorce and a heartbreak. He seeks comfort in Vannessa- something (Jessica Lowndes). However, Vanessa turns out to be this pyschotic girlfriend who strengthens her hold over Chris each time his mum tries to drive him away from her. But when Chris tries to end off things with her, she doesn’t take it too well and goes on to accuse him of something really horrible.

It is based on a true story which the writer had experienced with her younger son. It’s a must watch for me because it’s actually a pretty good storyline, and of course, grant looks mega hot in the movie and that’s a major plus!


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