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Clearly you don’t know the shades of gray that humanities answers have. Clearly you don’t know the amount of thinking involved. Clearly you don’t know the intricacies and beauty in the arts subject. Clearly you don’t appreciate the arts. You just see things in black and white. You’re just studying it for the sake of excelling in it. Just because you’re so great in science and maths, doesn’t mean you can make a mockery out of the field I love best.


Keep holding on

Hello World!

Well, nightmare has officially begun. D-day has arrived. And it’s the 3rd day of it. Nightmare and D-day are just some of the synonyms for Os.

It officially began on 22nd October 2012. All throughout my secondary life, I’ve never really prepared myself for Os before – mentally. I’ve never really thought of myself ever facing the damn O paper. But here I am, the 3rd day of it and currently still surviving.

The first day was pretty nerve-wrecking for me and I couldn’t feel anything except for fear. My heart was pretty much hammering against my chest.

Composition in my opinion, wasn’t the best that I’ve written. I don’t seem to have an inspiration to write “Fame”. I did something totally new for me, and I have no idea if it’s gonna be a boon or a bane. And the more I think of it, the more I feel that my essay isn’t a good one and I could’ve done much better, say put in more accurate and better words or even change my storyline altogether. I dunno if my story’s going to stand out amongst the thousands of candidates who wrote the same topic. So many doubts. I should just forget about it.

E Math was pretty alright. I’ll bet the bell curve is going to be quite high. Days like these when I wish the damn bell curve doesn’t exist. Or whatever you call the damn thing. Paper 1 was pretty ohkays although I feel I’ve made quite a few mistakes. Paper 2 was do-able. Anyways, I don’t wish to think about it because I really want to forget about it as soon as possible and concentrate on other subjects 🙂

The bulk of my papers is going to be next week, so I guess I have to brace myself for the upcoming hellish week. Papers everyday! 😐 on the bright side, after next week, about half or even three-quarters of the battle is won! 🙂

Keep holding on my dear O level takers 🙂

ShabiraBasheer 🙂

Class of 2012

Hello World!

Well, I officially graduated from my school on 15th October 2012. After 4 years in secondary school, I AM OUT. Nevertheless, I did cherish my 4 years in GM very much, and I’ve made some amazing, lovely and true friends – friends whom I really want to keep in touch with even after we part ways and friends who have accepted me for who I am and treated me just like everybody else. I’ve come to known and gotten close to some of the loveliest teachers in GM, teachers whom I have high levels of admiration for and whom I will never forget. I’ve made some beautiful memories throughout my 4 years in GM. Memories that will be etched in my mind forever. My experience in GM is a fruitful one and I will remember it for as long as I live. It is true, what they say, secondary school, no doubt filled with dramas and tears and lies, are really the best times of your life. You will make some long-lasting friends, you’ll discover who you are, you can make mistakes and most importantly, you can learn. The camaraderie that exists is unforgettable.

But with that said, I do feel sad that I’m going to leave all the friends I’ve made and all the teachers behind. However, I am ready, and I am eager to move on and experience a new phase in my life. I am ready to grow even further and explore even new things and I am ready to get a fresh start and make new friends. So although I feel sad that I’m leaving my secondary school phase, with Os being the last thing that will make me come to GM, I am, at the same time, excited for a new phase to begin. I am excited for a new journey 🙂

Speaking of Os, today is Friday (TGIF!) and that means the O level English paper will commence on 2 days time. I am feeling pretty jittery and terrified of it. I dunno, I seem to have this feeling deep down in the pit of my stomach that I will not do well. That I will not reap the efforts which I sowed. I have this feeling that I might just end up as those really sad cases – those people who put in their best, who really worked hard, but didn’t get what they should. I’m afraid that I will let a whole lot of people down – my family and my teachers and perhaps my friends who holds such high expectations of me. Perhaps it’s just the result of being too stressed up and too much studying heh but I know this feeling is not at all good and not going to do me much good. So whatever it is, just like Ms Johnson said, we should go into the examination hall CONFIDENT because we really did all that we could. I hope I’d be able to do well.

To all my dear Sec4s taking Os this coming Monday, GOODLUCK. WE’RE GONNA NEED IT. Especially when English Comprehension Paper starts at 4pm. Oh boyyyy! Please don’t give us a boring passage please pretty please! Else, I’ll just fall asleep!!!


ShabiraBasheer 🙂

The notice


Just some daily wisdom for my beautiful readers. And yes, I know this bloggy of mine has been lacking in posts but be patient with me. My Os are drawing really soon. It’s just 11 days away to my first paper. I’m sure it’ll be over soon enough, and I’ll be able to fill this bloggy of mine with posts again – posts of thought and not just pure rambling – for my beautiful readers 😊

ShabiraBasheer 🙂