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It’s a choice you make


“I may not know you, I may not know your circumstances or the struggle you are going through right now, but I do know that you deserve to smile again. To be happy is a decision you take, it’s a state of mind, you have control over it. You have all the right to smile again. Don’t let external things affect who you were supposed to be. Find yourself. Take that trip deep inside to meet your own self and start again. It’s never too late to start again.”

Here’s to another great week ahead! 🙂


The dilemmas

Hello World!

old books

Been relatively busy for this whole week and thus, didn’t managed to find time to update this bloggy of mine hehe. Anyways, I’m beginning to adjust to life in a JC and we’re slowly progressing to fit into the JC life and curriculum as a whole. We’ve gotten to know our classes already and I’m so sad to say this but my OG and I will be separating. Most of them will be heading to the science stream whereas I’ll be heading to the arts stream. And those few minorities in my OG who are heading to the arts stream with me will not be in the same class, aka civics group, as me. But on the bright side, my secondary school friend, Wei Liang, will be heading to the same class!

There was one instance where I had a demoralizing moment with my H2 future lit teacher. I misintepreted the poem for the diagnostic test and she wasn’t so sure if I could cope with the demands of H2 lit. But, I know this is what I want to do when I go into a JC. I’ve known and seen myself taking H2 lit as a subject in JC and hence, when she asked me whether I considered any other subjects beside lit, I immediately said no. Anyways, this is only the beginning and with practice comes improvement so here’s to hoping I’ll be able to improve on my poetry skills 🙂 On that note, I shoudn’t have said I was bad at poetry LOL. Wrong usage of words, especially to convince a teacher I need this subject. Oh wells, again, it’s over and I am willing to work hard to improve myself 🙂

There have been such great moments with my OG as well. Slacking moments doing nothing but just talking haha. I’ve mentioned this before, I hope I’ll be able to form a clique in my class which is just as fun and talkative as my OG hehe. CCA trials was yesterday and I was thinking of joining shooting as my CCA. I’m interested to learn how to shoot properly and aim properly with a steady hand and it seems fun. But I hope it won’t be too taxing for me, and they’ll only admit 12 J1s in anyways so considering how wobbly I was when I held the rifle yesterday, I don’t think I’ll be among the 12 LOL. So I guess my 2nd choice will be the infocomm club. I am also interested in photography and the clubs and societies will not be too taxing for me hehe. Furthermore, I might be able to apply for leadership positions in the clubs and societies and because the cca will not be too taxing for me, I can apply to be OGL next year 😛 On the other hand, if I get into shooting, I can also stand a chance to be in competitions and that will also look good in my SGC. But that’s if I do represent the school in some competitions. If I don’t and I end up being just a “member” on the team, it won’t really look good in my SGC. Then again, universities won’t really care about the SGC. Their top most priority is results.


GAHHH seriously in a dilemma. My family will of course tell me to go into the infocomm club because it won’t be taxing for me but…. OMG. WHY SO MANY PROBLEMS SERIOUSLY LOL.

Best to leave that aside for now. Have a great weekend everybody! 🙂

ShabiraBasheer 🙂

Impromptu plans don’t work for us

Hello World!


Firstly, I shall begin with wishing all my Chinese friends a very Happy Chinese New Year! I know it’s the eve today, but still, you can never be too early in wishing your friends haha! Enjoy all the new year goodies and get loads of hangbao hehe! 🙂

Yesterday, went out with my OG for lunch at T-mart. I guess now my hangout spot will be at Tampines Mall and T-mart near my school there haha. And well, impromptu plans apparently didn’t work for us because after lunch, we thought of going out. However, some of them had to go already after the lunch at Macs and the remaining people took such a long time deliberating on where to go LOL. In the end, we wanted to watch movie and go shopping at Tampines Mall but the movie timings were not suitable at all! So, thinking we’ve got no use to stay at Tamp Mall anymore, we parted ways and went home haha. It was a super failed plan!! But I still enjoyed my time with them 🙂

I’ll be really sad once we get to know our classes, because we’ll confirm be separated. Most of my OGMs are going to the science stream whereas I’m going to the arts stream. My class will definitely consist of new people and I’ll have to start socializing with new people again. It was definitely not easy for me to get really acquainted with my OG group, but eventually I did. And now, we’re gonna get separated and I’ll have to meet my new classmates and I’m just hoping I can also be in a group which is as fun as my OG now.

I had our first PE Lesson yesterday and OMG it was tough alright. I escaped doing two sit-ups for 2 years because of my back surgery but now, THERE’S NO ESCAPING OMG. And I seriously cannot do sit-ups at all omg. I seriously have to start training at home. I am also not flexible at all too omg. I wanted to train during the holidays AND I DID. But the plan combusted upon only a few days of doing the stretching exercises and crutches omg. And now my stomach muscles hurts like hell and I feel on the verge of having a fever LOL. Their PE is damm hardcore. And it will continue to be if you fail your NAFA. *gulps gulps gulps*

And now parting words from Project Spirituality.

“Beauty doesn’t exist in things; beauty is a projection. Beauty is not objective; it is subjective. So one day somebody looks beautiful, another day the same person becomes ugly. It is you who projects, the other works just as a screen. Once you come to know that the mind projects beauty and ugliness, that the mind projects good and bad, you stop projecting. All your intepretations drop with the projections. Then, for the first time, you come to know what objective reality is. It is neither good nor bad, it is neither beautiful nor ugly; it simply is.”

ShabiraBasheer 🙂

Adorning the uniform

Hello World!

These few days have been such a whirlwind of events that I barely have enough time to catch my breath and gather my bearings haha. 4 days of orientation and everyday, I’ll reach home at either 6plus or 7plus. It’s only today that orientation is officially over and lectures have begun that I went home early for the first time, and could sit down and blog. Crazy week haha.

Orientation on the whole, has been such a blast for me. I’ve bonded well with my orientation group over the past 4 days and my orientation group leaders were such amazing seniors and friends! I love my OGLs to bits and pieces. They’re such amazing people. And not to mention, my OGMs too! 😀

JC life, as I see it now, is actually fun. Friends are the ones which makes your JC life a memorable experience. However, there are gonna be challenges that will come, hurdles to overcome. And these challenges may be pretty overwhelming. I’ve got the subject combination which I wanted, which means I’m taking H2 maths. It’s, as my senior said, 10 times worse than A Math. It’s really crazy. Even my sister said to be prepared for math because it is definitely not going to be easy at all. We’re pretty much going to come home quite late, and even so, we need to do our homeworks and put in a lot of hours of studying. It’s definitely not like sec4 at all. I just hope I’ll be ready for all of these.

Well, that’s all I have to blog about now because currently, my OG whatsapp group is spamming me with names of hot J2s and I WANNA JOIN IN HAHA.

ShabiraBasheer 🙂

The first day

Hello World!

So on Friday I had my first day at TPJC. It was, overall, an alright experience. My orientation group leaders (OGLs) were really hyper and soo enthusiastic and they make us feel welcomed into TPJC. Really thankful to have them 🙂

Unfortunately, my secondary school classmates and schoolmates who got into TPJC were separated from each other LOL. We had different orientation groups so yeahs. The first day was of course lonely and awkward for us. Not just for me, but for, pretty much, everybody. I did socialize but you know, there’s still an air of awkwardness amongst us. But my OGLs formed a whatsapp group and it basically got spammed haha. So here’s to hoping that we’ll be able to get rid of this air of awkwardness between us and become closer friends 🙂

ShabiraBasheer 🙂