Adorning the uniform

Hello World!

These few days have been such a whirlwind of events that I barely have enough time to catch my breath and gather my bearings haha. 4 days of orientation and everyday, I’ll reach home at either 6plus or 7plus. It’s only today that orientation is officially over and lectures have begun that I went home early for the first time, and could sit down and blog. Crazy week haha.

Orientation on the whole, has been such a blast for me. I’ve bonded well with my orientation group over the past 4 days and my orientation group leaders were such amazing seniors and friends! I love my OGLs to bits and pieces. They’re such amazing people. And not to mention, my OGMs too! 😀

JC life, as I see it now, is actually fun. Friends are the ones which makes your JC life a memorable experience. However, there are gonna be challenges that will come, hurdles to overcome. And these challenges may be pretty overwhelming. I’ve got the subject combination which I wanted, which means I’m taking H2 maths. It’s, as my senior said, 10 times worse than A Math. It’s really crazy. Even my sister said to be prepared for math because it is definitely not going to be easy at all. We’re pretty much going to come home quite late, and even so, we need to do our homeworks and put in a lot of hours of studying. It’s definitely not like sec4 at all. I just hope I’ll be ready for all of these.

Well, that’s all I have to blog about now because currently, my OG whatsapp group is spamming me with names of hot J2s and I WANNA JOIN IN HAHA.

ShabiraBasheer 🙂


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