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The individual self and society.

When people make these comments,

“Society is never pleased with what you do.”
“I hate society.”
“Why must we live in such a society?”

Please, just stop. JUST STOP IT. What really irks and irritates the hell out of me is when all of you utter those comments. You don’t like to live in such a ridiculous society, do you? Have you ever thought, WHO makes up the ridiculous society? Have you ever thought what a society comprises? YES IT’S YOU.

You’re part of that ridiculous society.

So stop that bullcrap of yours.

Society judges, you judge.
Society condemns, you condemn.
Society shuns, you shun.

No matter how much you claim to hate society, you can’t ignore the fact you’re part of it. You can’t ignore the fact that you judge too. Be it the heavily tattooed man you walked past on the way home, or that bitch in school, or the man standing next to you in the MRT/bus who has a bad body odour.

We judge.

We condemn someone’s actions which clashes with our beliefs and ideals. We condemn someone when we think they’ve committed something wrong.

We condemn.

We shun someone who we think is embarrassing to us, we shun them when we don’t like them and we shun them because of their personality, character, or because of their actions.

We shun.

Everybody’s guilty of one of those above. There are so many unkind things we do in society, to which naming all of them will take forever. So, please, before you make such a sweeping and generalized statement, look at yourself first.

If you want society to change, you have got to change yourself first.