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To write and to read.


To be honest, I really miss writing, and reading. I don’t want this to be a very emo post, ranting about missed oppportunities and the lack of time to do the things I really love.

JC sucked away this time to write and read. It’s post-promo period right now, and here I am not really catching up on time to write or read. I am reading my literature book, Ishiguro’s The Remains Of The Day. But it’s a book which I’m going to study and analyze . I’m not going to read it leisurely. Maybe I’m also to blame because I didn’t go to the library to borrow books.

Then again, the reason why I did not do this was because I have intensive pw and mother tongue.

Then again, surely I could have taken some time off these two matters and give me some quality time to read?

Instead, I spent the day sleeping and watching dramas and tumblr-ing and reading my lit book (which honestly, didn’t spark my interest yet)

I read an article today about dating a girl who writes. I want to be that girl who writes. I don’t so much care about what benefits it’ll bring to the other dude who dates a girl who writes, but I want to be those qualities a writer possess again.

And that’s the reason why I choose to update this bloggy of mine, because this bloggy of mine, has and always will be, a place for me to write. Be an outlet for me to express my thoughts without giving a single care as to what anybody thinks. If you don’t like what I have to say, you can just simply click the little cross button on the top right hand of the page 🙂 no hard feelings at all 🙂

They say absence makes the heart fonder and I guess the lack of writing and reading made me love writing and reading more. I think that’s the reason why I believe I can’t see myself doing a career in the near future that doesn’t involve reading or writing. Or atleast studying literature.

So I guess the lesson here is, take some time off your schedule to do the things you really love I guess. Because trust me, you’re gonna miss them if you don’t 🙂

Have a great weekend guys ^^

ShabiraBasheer 🙂


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