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The youthful years are fading.

So I’ll turn 19 in a couple of days (approximately 3 more days to be more exact and less vague) and I thought of sharing some things with whoever who happens to read this blog post of mine.

I’ve been changing my bios in various social media profiles of mine to We’re lost, but one day, we’d say it was all I could dream. It’s actually a song lyric from Khushi’s Phantoms. The video which I embed above is a live performance of him performing this song, which is by the way, so very amazing to the point that it pains me that I’m not physically there to witness it. God bless Lekhz for introducing Khushi to me, otherwise I might not have discovered him at all!!!

Ohkay so I just feel like that particular line from the song is so aptly relevant to my life right now, at this point in time. It’s like I’m moving into adulthood (I have to change my blog title to Musings of a NINETEEN year old now gosh) but I’m not entirely an adult because I feel so unprepared, and so lost when it comes to being an adult and having to handle adult responsibilities like independence, the ability to make your own decisions, be financially responsible etc etc… I’m in my transitional phase from a teenager, an individual who could still rely on her parents for help to a full-grown adult who needs to handle most of her responsibilities on her own right now. And I do not really know how to do it or go about fulfilling all those duties at the very moment, so I feel very uncertain and so lost.

But one thing’s for sure, these few years spent transitioning from a teenager to an adult would be the very moments I would treasure the most, and remember for the rest of my life. Because this is ultimately the prime of my life, where I get to try out new things, finally be free from the grasp of my parents, meet new people, experience adult things and just live my life to the fullest because if not now, then when? It’s going to be an exciting few years, so even though I don’t quite know what to do, one thing’s for sure; I would dream to relive them again and remember these few years when I’m old and reminiscing on my adulthood. 

Hence, I felt that that particular line is such an accurate reflection of my situation right now, and that’s why I’ve been changing my instagram/twitter/facebook bio to this quote HAHA. Although the real meaning of that line is most probably a relationship that was once so lovely and wonderful that one can’t help but feel a wistful taste of nostalgia when looking back, but hey, if there’s one thing literature has taught me, is that words can have numerous, multiple interpretations and meanings. And that makes it beautiful.

So here’s to my last year as a teenager, and the beginning of something new, something scary yet exciting.