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Ramadan 2017 

She heard the tadbir when she broke her fast with her family members, everyone present this time round, in-laws included.

She couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of sadness and loss – the tadbir marked the end of the holy, magical month of Ramadhan, the month where trials and tribulations were at an all time high, the month where endurance was put to the test but the happiest and most magical month of all. Her favorite month.

She did not want Ramadan to end, despite not tasting food and not letting water touch her lips for almost 12 hours. She did not want Ramadan to end despite the fact that she did not get enough sleep because she was working. No, she didn’t want Ramadan to end.

Because Ramadan was the time she sought solace and peace for her troubled, sad, frustrated and confused heart. She read more of the Quran and she made it her personal mission to understand the Quran, despite not being able to read the Arabic version entirely well (she needs to work on that). But she found comfort amidst the sentences written by the All Almighty One, in the divine Holy Book that was delivered to the most beloved Messenger, Prophet Muhammad SAW. She felt at ease, the feeling she craved for a very long time; the feeling which she struggled to find for a very long time.

The atmosphere, the mood was different in Ramadan. She could sense it. The camaraderie as your fellow brothers & sisters are going through the same thing, the kindness she witnessed, the acts of compassion & the patience. She did not want all of these to go away.

She really didn’t.

But she knows that like any month, days will pass; nights will pass; the dawn will break. She can only hope that she will meet Ramadan again next year, and that she will be even better than before. She can only hope that the takeaways she received in Ramadan will continue to stay with her throughout the year as she keeps them close to her heart, like treasure, like pieces of gold that are so very valuable. She can only hope the guidance, peace, comfort and solace will stay with her, and if they ever fade away, she can only hope she has the strength to get it all back.

“And whoever puts his trust in Allah; then He will be enough for him.” ~At-Talaq; 65:3

Eid Mubarak everybody. She wishes to seek your forgiveness for any wrongs that she has done – be it in her actions or in her words. She does not mean ill in her intentions. She wishes you well in everything that you do, she truly does.

Lots of love,